Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Gleneden Family Farm Located?

We are located at Maryvale, which is near Warwick. Our farm is located approximately 1.5hrs west of Brisbane, Queensland. Our address is 375 Branch Creek Rd, Maryvale, Queensland. Visit our contact us page to view the Google Map.

What will we find when we get there?

Gleneden Family Farm is a picturesque farm of about 640 acres. There are amazing views on our farm. We have only just moved to this property so we will be re-building our display venue bush timber shade shed which will include a blacksmithing corner, a bullock yoking yard and a display arena similar to what we built at our old property in Gleneden. There is also a parking area and a toilet, but it is a good idea for groups to make a toilet stop on the way here.

What will we see at the Gleneden Family Farm?

Set in a scenic rural landscape, we are able to offer a range of display options, styles and durations. In addition to our working bullock team, displays can include blacksmithing, wheelwrighting, whipmaking, whip cracking, cow milking, cream separating, butter making, cheese making, sheep shearing, camp oven cooking, bush timber work or a rare breeds and vegetable garden tour. You'll also see our flowing creek, the wonderful wooded hills (which could be considered mountains) and a lot more.

Can we drive to the Gleneden Family Farm?

Yes. There are bitumen roads most of the way from Gayndah and Mundubbera. The last 1.5km is maintained gravel road. It is suitable for all vehicles from small cars to coaches. All vehicles can reach the parking area 40 metres from the shade shed and most cars and coaches should be able to drive right up to the shed to let passengers disembark at the entrance.

How do we arrange to visit the Gleneden Family Farm?

There are three options. If you already have a group (min. group is 10 people or equivalent cost) you can make a booking directly by contacting us. Another option is to join a tour organised by one of the tour companies bringing groups here - visit the links page to see our current list. A third option is to make a booking to come along to one of our regular open days.

Can we book you for an off-site event eg. a Festival?

Yes. We are available off-site for shows, festivals, re-enactments, heritage days, film and television and other events. Contact us to discuss display possibilities for your event.

Bullockies are famous for swearing, is it true? Does Rohan swear as well?

Bullock driving can be a frustrating business. Some bullockies swore a lot, while others never did. What is important is having the correct amount of emphasis and urgency in your voice to convey your directions and encouragement to the bullocks effectively. What words you choose are of no consequence. Rohan does not swear, there are plenty of other words to use.

Will taking photographs spook the bullocks?

No, you can take as many pictures as you like. Most of these bullocks have seen crowds, machinery, chainsaws, bright lights, loudspeakers and all sorts of things. Cameras will not bother them.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes. The Gleneden Family Farm and Working Bullock Team have public liability insurance covering all activities of the business.

Is the fencing secure and will my children be safe?

Yes. The wagon shed from which guests view the displays is fenced securely on all four sides. Between the shed and the yoking yard where the bullocks are loose, the fence is heightened and reinforced by two additional wires making a very secure barrier between the animals and the people.

Do you set a minimum age requirement for child spectators?

No. There are not age restrictions for guests coming to see The Gleneden Family Farm and Working Bullock Team. All children do need to be supervised by a responsible adult to ensure that they remain inside the wagon shed during displays.

What is your payment procedure?

For first time visitors we request full payment be made before the event or on the day itself. If you prefer to pay a deposit prior to the event and final payment on the day we can also accommodate this. If your company has an alternative payment procedure we can discuss this. We also set up accounts for repeat business tour operators. Cancellations will receive in good faith a full refund of payments made, a rescheduling of the booking would be appreciated in this case.

What happens if it rains? Will the wet roads allow coach vehicles to easily leave your premises?

In the event of light rain the show will go on (Rohan will get wet but you will not) and vehicle access including for coaches will not be a problem. Our road is well gravelled and vehicles will not get bogged. In the event of heavy rain it is impractical to run the display and it will be necessary to cancel or postpone the display to a later time or date.

Are you actively conducting Risk Assessments to minimise hazards and prevent accidents?

Yes. The Gleneden Family Farm and Working Bullock Team has an excellent safety record. Rohan is an Outdoor Education Teacher trained and experienced in Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Management. The Gleneden Bullock Team’s displays run according to a carefully considered Standard Operating Procedure and a detailed Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan has been written. Both these documents can be supplied on request. In the unlikely event of an injury, Rohan is trained and current in Leader’s Wilderness First Aid and a first aid kit is always on hand. Ambulances, doctors and hospitals are in Warwick. There is good Telstra mobile coverage on our farm as well as a landline phone.

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