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You are invited to witness and enjoy the rare and memorable sight of a bullocky and his bullock team at work, in an historic location in the scenic Southern Downs. Rohan the Bullocky practices a diverse array of heritage skills which can be included in your display.

Our range of Displays includes:

We are also still available for shows, festivals, heritage days etc

We will continue to be available off site for shows, festivals, heritage days, re-enactments, film and television etc. Information about our range of display options can be found below. Our image gallery also offers a great visual summary of the many activities. Please contact us for more information including booking details.

Rohan and his bullocks loading a log onto a jinker

The Gleneden Bullock Team

Enormous and powerful, yet intelligent and co-operative, working bullocks are an awesome sight. You will be amazed by what can be achieved with a bullock team controlled by simple word of command. Even the seemingly impossible can be done.

The dying art of bullock driving is comprehensively demonstrated and explained, from choosing and training your bullocks to driving a team of experienced workers. Learn the secret language of the bullocky and discover if his reputation for swearing is a justified one.

We offer 1.5 hour or 2.5 hour Bullock Team Display Packages. Within each you will see many bullock demonstrations including Wagon and Dray towing.

During our 2.5 hour display you'll have the opportunity to discover even more about the history and versatility of bullock teams. Depending on your interests, you can also customise your display experience by requesting to see some of our other display types listed below:

Bullock wagons in the shed with Eden (our daughter) in one of them

Wagons, Drays and Other Old Gear

In the days of the bullock team everything was simple but effective. Each type of load had it's conveyance. A Table-top Wagon for the wool bales and other loads, a Timber Jinker for the logs and a Tip Dray for everything else that could be dumped on the ground.

These carefully restored examples of the wheelwrights art have their own functional beauty while still performing the tasks they were built for more than one hundred years ago, alongside a well used collection of antique implements and tools.

In our Working Bullock Team Displays you will see these vehicles in use. From loading a log onto the Timber Jinker to showing the labour saving functionality of the Tip Dray –  the bullocky, his bullocks and his vehicles combine to get the job done for you. Other displays including earthmoving with a Mouldboard Plough and a Tumbling Tommy Scoop are available on request.

Rohan the Bullocky Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing, Wheelwrighting and Bullock Yoke Making

Today, as he was one hundred years ago, a bullocky needs to be a jack of all trades. Rohan the Bullocky is by love and necessity building his skills and knowledge in a number of crafts associated with owning a bullock team.

If booking a longer display you will have the opportunity to include demonstrations of these fascinating crafts, discovering the specialised tools and techniques that contributed to the bullock teams' effectiveness through Australia's history.

Climbing a tree with a springboard

Bush Timberwork and Architecture

While sitting in the cool shade of a hand built bush timber shed you will be able to enjoy seeing Rohan the Bullocky continuing the Australian bush tradition of using hand tools and natural materials to create the things that he needs.

Whether he is shaping a bullock yoke with an adze and a piece of broken glass, splitting fence posts with a maul and wedges or showing how to climb a tree with an axe and board, you will gain a fascinating insight to traditional methods of bush timber work.

Rohan the Bullocky holding his bullock whip

Greenhide Bullock Whip Making and Cracking

A bullocky's whip is his only physical contact with his bullocks while he is working them, replacing the reins that are used when driving horses. It is used to direct the bullocks throughout a days work.

Despite it's long, unwieldy handle and thick greenhide plaiting, in the hands of a good bullocky it can crack like a shotgun and yet be used with almost delicate precision - "to flick a fly off the leaders hoof without him even noticing" as the old story goes.

A saddleback pig - a rare breed

And More...

The Morris family's Gleneden farm is an interesting place with great views, a mud brick house, rare breeds of animals, young bullocks to train and a big vegetable garden - there's always interesting things happening here! We are 5th generation farmers.

There might be sheep to shear, baby animals to feed, a cow to milk, cream to separate, butter or cheese to make or some camp oven cooking to be done. If it sounds interesting and you would like to see it in your display just ask us what is available.

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