Video Gallery

Welcome to our video gallery. Here you'll find some of our more interesting short videos and a few other bits and pieces. We also have a YouTube Channel. If you've seen our displays and shot a video, feel free to send it to us and we'll look at adding it to our Channel also.

Great Day Out - Gleneden Family Farm

Date: 2016

In 2017 we were featured on 'Great Day Out'. We were and are very grateful to receive this kind of exposure.

Wwoofing at Gleneden Organic Farm

Date: August 2015

Another one of our WWOOFers recently created this short video. The song is a cover of Mountain Dew by a great Australian folk band called The Perch Creek Family Jug Band.

Gleneden Organic Farm Film Clip

Date: March 2015

We really enjoy having WWOOFers stay with us. Recently a Frenchman named Max spent time at our farm. His hobby is making short movies of the places that he has visited. The video footage he shot and the video he created is a wonderful glimpse into our way of life and captures Gleneden at it's most beautiful. We are very lucky that he has given us such an amazing video. Also big thanks to Quarry Mountain Dead Rats for the use of their song "Days Like These".

How to stand a big post with a bullock team

Date: August 2008

Using a simple wooden A-frame six bullocks stand a tall post into it's hole at the Jondaryan Woolshed.

The Gleneden Bullock Team's Timber Jinker Display

Date: November 2011

Six big Illawarra bullocks hauling a timber jinker loaded with a heavy Ironbark log.

Jondaryan Woolshed Grand Parade

Date: August 2006

Five Fresian bullocks and one Texas Longhorn pulling a tabletop wagon in the Heritage Festival grand parade. Two of the bullocks are being ridden at the same time.

Wedding Day Bullock Dray

Date: March 2012

The most attractive drayload Rohan and his bullocks have ever carted. Jen and her bridesmaids arrived grand style to the great suprise of all the guests.


Date: June 2008

After weeks of slow, careful work building a wooden wagon wheel, Rohan and his friends shrink a hot steel tyre onto the wheel in a frenzy of activity.

Dunny Disaster

Date: June 2011

An ill-fated attempt to stand the Gleneden Bullock Team Dunny on it's stumps. Don't miss this one.

Dunny Take 2

Date: June 2011

A second and more succesful attempt to stand up the dunny.

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