Are you interested in regenerative farming, food production, direct marketing or Agro-eco-tourism? Are you honest, trustworthy and keen to learn? Do you like hard but interesting work, the outdoors, nature, working with animals, eating amazing food, meeting interesting people and learning new things? What about making a difference to people’s health and the health of our planet?

Gleneden Family Farm offers three month internship programs to those interested in learning and experiencing farm life. Limited to two interns per program, it is an immersive and unique opportunity to learn newly emerging techniques in regenerative, holistic and organic farming in a safe and beautiful place. 

As an intern you become part of our extended farming family and live and work alongside us as we produce amazing ethical food for our community. You will be involved in all aspects of the farm, have the opportunity to learn regenerative farming, marketing and business skills and even develop your own project based on your interests. We welcome interns of all genders, ages, nationalities and abilities and will try to develop a program that works in with our farms needs and ethics which also suits your interests and abilities as best as we are able.

Our internship programs are based on your individual situation and do not have a specific starting date. We have worked with many organisations over the past 10 years including WWOOF Australia, HelpX, an English learning school and an international university. We are happy to talk with you if your course has specific requirements that need to be met. As we can only accommodate two interns/volunteers at a time please apply at least one month in advance. We do not have a fee associated with our internship program, however, you will need Health/Travel Insurance and be able to fund your personal travel/accommodation/food costs to and from the farm and during your free time.


Charlotte was our first intern and the reason we now have a successful internship program. Charlotte contacted us initially via Help X looking for a placement farm as part of her degree at École d’ingénieurs de Purpan Graduate School at the University in Toulouse. Charlotte was cheerful, intelligent, very hardworking and most of all interested in learning about how the farm was run. Charlotte was great company and has helped send other students (Nathan & Emily) to ‘her’ farm since then.

Program Outline

Week 1 – 3 Getting to Know You
Gleneden is a big and busy farm so the first few weeks are about getting to know each other. You will learn all about our landscape, ethics, the animals, day to day operations, how our business is run and how our family lives. We will also take this time to learn about you, your interests and abilities.

Week 4 – 8 Teaching and Learning
Now you know how things roll we invite you to be more involved in how the farm is run.  You will be integrated in not just the daily work routines, but also given opportunities to be involved in the wider aspects of the farm including planning, marketing, farm projects and maintenance. Farm projects can include building, fencing, mechanics, tree planting and gardening. This is a great time to work out your specific interests and design a specific project that interests you.

Week 9 – 12 Your Project
As well as continuing to work on day to day operations and general farm management, this is the time for you to test a farming technique or aspect of a agri-farming business on our farm. This could be a cropping technique, different animals, farm planning, environmental management concept, marketing tool, tourism opportunity or horticulture that complements our existing farm ethics and management.  This is an opportunity for you to test your ideas (within reason!) without the added costs of leasing or buying a farm or equipment. Encouraging you to develop an ethically and environmentally sound farm business idea or concept is also our way of thanking you for your help and, hopefully, having better farmers in the future.


In 2007 we (Rohan and Fiona) travelled across Japan, Europe and Britain, WWOOFing on farms, learning, and generally having fun. While in south west Germany, we worked on a small organic dairy farm near the village of Rottweil. The farm was managed by family with a little girl called Katrin.

Katrin was a fun, slightly wild six year old farm kid who had a cheeky smile and loved dressing up. In 2019 we received an email from Katrin asking us if she could come and volunteer on our farm as she wanted a safe place to start exploring Australia. 

We were very excited to hear from her and more than happy to have her stay and volunteer on our farm. Katrin ended up staying several months because she was enjoying herself so much. Her vivacity was very infectious and helped us keep a smile on our face through one of the worst droughts our region has ever seen. She was able to use her farm skills and also learn about farming and living in Australia so she could look for work during her journey. We still receive emails from her telling us of her travels and wishing she could come back!


What we offer

  • A safe place to gain experience, work, learn and build skills in regenerative, holistic and organic farming
  • Working alongside you to share our knowledge and support with your own ideas when on the farm
  • Secure, clean, comfortable cottage accommodation with self-catering facilities, WIFI (limited) and telephone. Privacy of your own room
  • Wholesome shared meals (lunch & dinner) and fresh farm produce for you to prepare your own breakfasts and snacks
  • Respect for you and your beliefs (as long as they are legal and not violent)
  • Kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities
  • Opportunity to be part of our family and community
  • Free participation in workshops and events held at Gleneden
  • Time off to enjoy the local area and relax


We are very busy running our farm and we are always happy to have an extra set of hands to help out. If you are interested in learning more about what we do, or just interested in finding out what farm life is like but cannot commit to an internship, you are welcome to volunteer for an agreed period of time.

Please contact us directly via the enquiry form on our contact us page and include some information about yourself, your skills and why you would like to volunteer. We also accept couples and families, with certain conditions, and if we have accommodation available.

What we ask

  • Commitment of at least 30 hours per week
  • Respect for our family, other interns, farm rules & community agreements
  • Be physically, mentally and emotionally fit and prepared for farm work in cold, hot, wet and dry conditions
  • Participation in communal cooking and cleaning tasks
  • Keep your accommodation clean and in good condition
  • Health/Travel insurance
  • To pay for your own travel to and from the farm
  • Results of your individual project design and its implementation

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning for and committing to volunteering at a farm can seem a bit daunting and we are sure you have many questions! Below are some Q & A’s which may help. If you are very interested the best thing to do is to contact us via the enquiry form on our contact us page. We will be more than happy to answer your specific questions.

Our internship program is free AND it includes your accommodation and meals. This is our way of saying thank-you for all the hard work you will be doing while you learn!

It does not include the costs of traveling to and from our farm or costs associated with your time off the farm i.e. meals and accommodation. We also require you to have your own private health insurance to cover you for emergencies.

Yes. You can catch a bus (Crisps Coaches) from Brisbane to Warwick. We will pick you up from a local stop near Maryvale which is on the way to Warwick.

Information about the bus times can be found on the Crisps Coaches website

We ask that you work alongside us for at least half of each day. Usually this is about 4-6 hrs a day, 6 days a week.  Communal food prep and cleaning are not included in this time as you would normally do this at home anyway.

We are happy to discuss longer blocks of time-off (several days) during your internshop so you can explore the area over. 

The accommodation is a separate, newly renovated two bedroom cottage overlooking a waterfall and approximately 50m from the farmhouse. There is a double bed in one room and bunk beds in the other room. Each room is fully insulated, can be locked and has heating.

The cottage also has a refrigerator, table, plates & cutlery, basic cooking facilities and a separate bathroom and toilet. We will provide the linen and it's up to you to wash this.

While living there you will be responsible for keeping the cottage and bathroom clean and tidy. Wifi with limited data is available. The cottage is a non smoking area.

Warwick, our nearest town, is approximately 35km away. We travel to Warwick at least twice a week and we are happy to take you with us if you need anything in town. Warwick is a regional centre with plenty of shops, a swimming pool, cinema and post office. There are no shops in the local village of Maryvale. To find out more about Warwick visit our local tourism website

There are a lot of places to explore in our region. This includes heritage sites, national parks, shops, wineries, breweries, farms, and local events. We want you to enjoy yourself and create great memories of your time with us. For more information about what's on visit our local tourism site at

Occasionally we also have a day off to have an adventure and we are happy to take you along too if you are interested.

You will need to be prepared to work in many different conditions, although we try to avoid working in very hot or wet conditions. Temperatures can reach as high as 40'C in summer and as low as -5'C in winter so you will need to bring suitable clothing for these conditions. Cotton clothing is best for the summer heat and woolens for the winter cold. Although we have heating, it is limited and expensive.

To make your stay comfortable we suggest you also bring the following:

  • Old cotton, button up long sleeve shirts and trousers or overalls
  • Work boots with ankle support
  • A broad brimmed hat
  • Sunglasses
  • A waterbottle
  • Warm gloves and winter jacket
  • Rain jacket

We will give you with basic protective equipment including sunscreen, gloves and gumboots as well as job specific items needed for different tasks such as earplugs, safety glasses and masks. If you are trying to travel light there are local 2nd-hand shops where you can buy cheap (<$10) old cotton clothing for working on the farm.

We also suggest you have a Telstra mobile phone with wifi data and we have limited wifi data at the farmhouse.

Yes. However, mobile reception at our farm is only available with Telstra. There is NO reception at our farm for any other phone networks including Optus and Vodaphone.

We also have limited internet. You are welcome to use our wifi internet for general searches, email and facebook etc, but not for live streaming of movies/tv shows as we do not have a lot of data.

You are invited to share communal lunches and dinners with us in the farmhouse. We will provide food for your breakfasts in the cottage including ham, eggs, bread, cereals, milk, vegetables and fruit.

For communal lunches and dinners we eat homemade, basic wholesome mostly homegrown organic foods including meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, pasta, breads, tea and coffee. You are welcome to help us prepare the food and of course clean up afterwards!

If you have any special dietary exclusions (for health reasons) please let us know. We will try to cater for different diets but may need your help to prepare the meals. Feel free to bring your own food/drinks and keep them in the cottage (e.g. chocolate, sweets, soft drinks).

Contact Us

To find out more about us feel free to follow us on Facebook or read our blog. For all bookings and/or meat purchasing enquiries please phone us on (07) 4666 1273 or send us an enquiry via our contact us page.

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