Organically Farmed Christmas Hams

Update 18/12/21: Our Christmas Hams for 2021 have now sold out.

We’re excited to announce that the 2021 Gleneden Christmas Hams are now ready to order.

Ethically and organically farmed, our mouthwateringly delicious nitrate free woodmoked Gleneden Leg Ham is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at Christmas.

Why? Because our old breed Wessex Saddleback pastured pigs are born and raised outside in the organically farmed pastures and woodlands of Gleneden Family Farm. They are free to wallow, run and get down and dirty in the mud they love. Our piggies are regularly moved (by us) to new areas so they can eat their favourite diet of sweet grasses, nutritious herbs, sugar rich roots and protein filled bugs. We also provide them with a sustainably farmed and chemically tested grain & protein ration for optimal health. This freedom to live happy and natural lives gives the meat a unique, rich and traditional flavour. Our hams are then made using our special nitrate-free organic brine (perfected by Rohan) of organic sugar, salt and pickling spices. They are then wood-smoked in ironbark and packed by our local country butcher.

We have a range of large 6-8 kg, or a small 3.5-4kg hams at $29/kg (deposit $50).

Our hams are available for collection from the Gleneden Farm Shop the week before Christmas or they can be delivery to collection points in Brisbane, Ipswich, Aratula, Warwick and Toowoomba on the weekend of the 18th and 19th Dec 2021.

How to order: Simply contact us via email, call us on (07) 4666 1273 or txt msg Rohan on 0429 137 224 to order and discuss delivery.

We have been providing Gleneden Christmas Hams to our family, friends and customers for over 10 years and always sell out before Christmas. So please contact us asap to avoid disappointment. But don’t worry – we do sell our ‘Christmas style’ hams throughout the year.

Here’s what some of our customers say about our hams:

“Thank you. Absolutely the best ham we’ve ever had.” — TK

“The ham was great, we manage to finish it all between Christmas and Boxing Day!” –  FB

“The ham was outstanding and someone at lunch on Christmas actually said it was the best they’d ever tasted. I agree.” — RV

“Thank you so much Morris family for your beautiful Christmas ham. Absolutely delicious flavour, really stands out from supermarket ham. All our family are loving it.” — KSS

One of our Christmas hams


Membership fees are payable monthly, quarterly or annually in advance. We strongly recommend setting up a direct deposit schedule with your bank (which of course is easy to setup with Online Banking) which you can control. Invoices are only sent for overdue accounts. We are happy to discuss alternative payment options if needed.

An example of one of our meat packs

Sausages from our farm

Yummy cooked meal

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few common questions we’re asked about our Gleneden Family Farm Community Supported Agriculture System. If you have other questions or would like more information, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Joining our Gleneden Family Farm Community is really easy. Simply contact us and we will send you an application pack. This includes more detailed information and an application form. Email your completed application form back to us and voila! You're in! We will then send an email to welcome you and confirm delivery etc.

Yes. Cuts will vary in the cooler and warmer months to suit. However, mince and/or sausages will generally be available every month.

In winter you may see more roasts and slow cooking cuts that are fabulous for warming  slow cooked meals and baked dinners. In summer we have more steaks, stir fry strips and other quick cooking cuts for lazy warm BBQ afternoons.

Yes and they are also preservative free with natural skins.

Although you have committed to pay and receive your pack every month we can try and work something out that suits everyone. For example - you could organise to have a double delivery the month before or after or you can ask a friend to pay and collect for the period you are away. Just contact us directly and we can discuss.

Definitely. In fact you don't need to be a  member of our community to come and volunteer. If you are keen to learn about regenerative farming we are happy to host you.  Click here to find out more about volunteering on our farm.

Contact Us

To find out more about us feel free to follow us on Facebook or read our blog. For all bookings and/or meat purchasing enquiries please phone us on (07) 4666 1273 or send us an enquiry via our contact us page.

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