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The Gleneden Family Farm CSA 2022 memberships are NOW OPEN!

Nourish your family with healthy, ethically produced pastured beef, pork & lamb, direct from the farm.

We began farming organically and regeneratively over 10 years ago to produce fresh, healthy, chemical free food for our family and local community. As 4th generation farmers, producing food is our livelihood and we enjoy providing our customers and family with an amazingly delicious, healthy, and ethical food option. When you buy from us you’re directly supporting a local farming family and a more sustainable, humane way of farming. YOU also know your farmer, EXACTLY where you food has come from and can even be involved in how it has been grown. Click here for more information about how our meats are produced.

Our produce is only available at our Farm Gate shop or by becoming a member of the Gleneden Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The Gleneden CSA is a 12 month subscription, where your share of the harvest is delivered by us, the farmers, to collection points in Brisbane, Ipswich, Boonah, Toowoomba and Warwick throughout the year. The Gleneden CSA shares start at a minimum of 2kg/month at our special membership price of $28/kg (min $112/month) and contain a mix of our organically farmed 100% Pasture Fed Beef and Lamb, Pastured Pork, and nitrate free Bacon with the option of ordering other produce that may be available each month.

If you would like to visit and/or purchase from our Farm Gate shop please call or text ahead to let us know you are coming on 0429137224. If you are intrigued by the CSA read on…. (including how to join).

An example of one of our meat packs

Sausages from our farm

Yummy cooked meal

Why a CSA?

The Gleneden Community Supported Agriculture System (The Gleneden CSA) connects us (your farmers) directly with you (our community). As a member of the Gleneden CSA you and your family have the opportunity to be part of a farm and community who cares deeply about how their food is produced. Some amazing reasons why you might like to become a member of the Gleneden CSA:
  • The security of knowing you will receive your share (>2kg/month) of fresh, local, delicious, nutritious pastured meats and optional extras (seasonal vegetables, honey etc) delivered to your chosen collection point 10 or 6 times per year (n.b. we are an essential service :))
  • Free monthly newsletter with special offers and farm info prior to each delivery at the end of the delivery month (every month except April and September).
  • Free farm entry (day trip for a picnic, swim and a farm day out!)
  • Free farm camping
  • Free Farm tours (2 per year)
  • Knowing your hard-earned dollars are going directly to the farm you have chosen to support, not an unknown endless supply chain
  • A local, ethical food option for those who care about animal welfare and the environment
  • Visit or help out on the farm and be part of your own good food story
  • Have country cousins to visit
  • Our eternal thanks for helping us continue to be farmers 🙂
The Gleneden CSA is based on a traditional local food distribution model called ‘Community Supported Agriculture’ (or CSA for short), which was first developed in Japan in the 1970’s and is based on the Principles of Teikei. The idea being to form a direct connection between farmers and eaters to deepen understanding, respect, trust and awareness about exactly what/ when/ why/ and how food is produced and to create mutual support, especially when times are tough for all. Indeed many of our community members are now our friends and we try hard to help each other. As farmers we fight droughts, unpredictable rainfall and weather, fires, pests, economic ups and downs and many, many other factors and challenges. We love the CSA membership concept as it’s a great way for us as farmers to get to know an amazing community of people who know and share our ethics about growing food and to support each other through today’s challenging times. It’s a win, win. The Gleneden Community Supported Agriculture is a 12 month subscription (starting each calendar year) delivered where the your share is delivered FREE to collection points in Brisbane, Ipswich, Boonah, Toowoomba and Warwick at the end of the month. We offer a commitment free trial for the first month if you want to give it a go, but are not yet ready to commit to a full 12 months. Please contact us for more information or to receive an application form to join our Community.

How to join

Applications are now open for the 2022 CSA and will only close when we are fully subscribed for the year. It’s really easy to join. 

Simply contact us for an application form for 2022 The Gleneden CSA. The application form will provide extra information about the CSA and ask you to select your share size, delivery frequency and delivery location. You then send us your completed application and we will send you a confirmation email with further information and payment details. Done!

To summarise the process (which is in the application):

  1. You choose the kg/month share size which suits you. Anything from 2kg/month up is ok with us. 
  2. Choose a delivery frequency. We offer either 10 deliveries per year (all but April and September) or 6 deliveries per year (January, March, May, July, October and December). For an example, if you choose 4kg/month (48kg/year) and 10 deliveries, your year’s meat will come in 10 deliveries of 4.8kg.
  3. Select you preferred delivery location. The current delivery locations in Ipswich and the Brisbane region are in the application. We offer home delivery to locals in Maryvale and Warwick townships.

Please note – we are happy to offer a committment free first delivery so you can see how it works and what quantity may suit you best. 

Gleneden CSA Shares

The Gleneden CSA shares start at a minimum  of 2kg/month @ $28/kg (min $112/month) and contain a mix of our organically farmed 100% Pasture Fed Beef and Lamb, Pastured Pork, and nitrate free Bacon. You choose your preferred share per month at our special CSA Community price of $28/kg and can add extra cuts or other farm produce (at our regular retail prices) each month. Further information about our pastured meats can be found on our Produce page. Our meat is delivered frozen, in vacuum sealed compostable packaging. Pack size ranges from 500g (mince, diced, strips) to 1.5 – 2kg roasts. We try to ensure you receive a range of slow and quick cooking cuts which will vary seasonally – e.g. more roasts and slow cooking cuts in winter. Packages do not contain bones, skin, offal or fat. The application form offers alternative options to the meat mix for health or religious reasons. You can also order ‘extra’  seasonal produce from us here at Gleneden Family Farm including nitrate free smoked salami, broth bones, lard, pork skin, offal and other ethical local products such as eggs, vegetables, fruits and honey which can be added to your monthly package delivery. Prior to delivery, we send out a CSA Community newsletter to let you know what extra produce is available each month.

Additional benefits

We love sharing our farm with our food and our community and we really encourage you to come explore and enjoy our farm. Your Gleneden CSA membership also includes:

  • Free day farm entry (bushwalking, swimming or farm volunteering)
  • Free camping
  • Free farm tours (held seasonally)
  • Discounted entry to farm events including working bullock team displays and workshops.
  • Monthly farm eNewsletter full of pictures, stories and recipes, and of course seasonal extras for you to purchase.

Please note: So everyone has a good time, we have limited farm camping and farm entry. Please book ahead to make sure we have room and avoid disappointment. 


We deliver monthly or quarterly on the last Sunday of the month to collection points in: Aratula, Boonah, Ipswich (Purga BP), Brisbane (Taragindi, Camp Hill, Tingalpa, Morningside, Albion, Alderley, Indooroopilly, Mt Ommaney, Gailes), Toowoomba and Warwick. Delivery costs are included in your package price to the above mentioned collection points. Home delivery is available only in Toowoomba and Warwick.


Membership fees are payable monthly prior to delivery. Further details will be on your aplication form. Subscriptions are for a full calendar year.  We are happy to discuss alternative payment options if needed.

Meat Cuts

Packages will include a variety of slow and quick cooking meat cuts which will vary with the seasons (eg. more roasts in winter) and include:

Pork: sausages, shoulder and loin chops, steaks, fillet, ribs, roasts, mince, hocks, sliced bacon and ham.

Beef: T-bone, rump, bbq, eye fillet, rib fillet (on and off bone), mince, sausages, chuck, Y-bone, osso buco, brisket, diced, corned beef, rolled roast, topside roast.

Lamb/ mutton: loin and shoulder chops, ribs, neck chops, shanks, cutlets, mince, leg roast.

Please note: Broth bones, dog bones, lard, tallow, skin and offal will be offered as extras when available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few common questions we’re asked about our Gleneden Family Farm Community Supported Agriculture System. If you have other questions or would like more information, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Joining our Gleneden Family Farm Community is really easy. Simply contact us and we will send you an application pack. This includes more detailed information and an application form. Email your completed application form back to us and voila! You're in! We will then send an email to welcome you and confirm delivery etc.

Yes. Cuts will vary in the cooler and warmer months to suit. However, mince and/or sausages will generally be available every month.

In winter you may see more roasts and slow cooking cuts that are fabulous for warming  slow cooked meals and baked dinners. In summer we have more steaks, stir fry strips and other quick cooking cuts for lazy warm BBQ afternoons.

Yes and they are also preservative free with natural skins.

Although you have committed to pay and receive your pack every month we can try and work something out that suits everyone. For example - you could organise to have a double delivery the month before or after or you can ask a friend to pay and collect for the period you are away. Just contact us directly and we can discuss.

Definitely. In fact you don't need to be a  member of our community to come and volunteer. If you are keen to learn about regenerative farming we are happy to host you.  Click here to find out more about volunteering on our farm.

Contact Us

To find out more about us feel free to follow us on Facebook or read our blog. For all bookings and/or meat purchasing enquiries please phone us on (07) 4666 1273 or send us an enquiry via our contact us page.

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